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Keep Dallas Safe

Keep Dallas Safe exists to address crime and homelessness in Dallas with the goal of transforming Dallas into the safest large city in Texas for residents and businesses. We aim to have a City Council that prioritizes crime rate which directly determines the quality of life in Dallas.  We do this by fighting against the “defund the police” movement, holding accountable our city leaders’ efforts towards lowering district crime rates, and highlighting our city’s homelessness problems by pushing for enforcement of the prohibition of urban camping.


City Council must fund the recruitment, training, and deployment of 2,000 more officers to address the crime wave in Dallas. Dallas currently has one of the lowest police officers to residents ratios in the country — even lower than that of leftist San Francisco. This is unacceptable. We need a police force that arrives within 5 minutes of any call. 

We need a comprehensive solution towards the issue of homelessness. KDS believes in providing appropriate temporary housing and job opportunities to those experiencing homelessness. We believe in helping these individuals get back on their feet through drug rehab, job training, and education. However, we advocate for a zero-tolerance policy towards vagrancy. Dallas Police must aggressively enforce anti-vagrancy laws to prevent mentally ill panhandlers from harassing local business owners and patrons. Immigrant small business owners and low-wage workers are the most affected by the constant danger and expense of dealing with these individuals, many of whom have no interest in bettering themselves. While “Affordable Housing” program advocates are often well-intentioned, these programs will NOT address the root of the problem.

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