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Criminality and vagrancy have infected cities like Portland and Seattle. We are seeing the same happening here and we know this is NOT what the people of Dallas want. Dallas is at a tipping point: we either return to the beautiful business-friendly powerhouse that generations of Dallasites have worked so hard to become, or we degrade into another hotspot for crime and homelessness.

Crime Statistics

0 %
Increase in Murders
0 %
Increase in Stolen Property Offenses
0 %
Increase in Motor Vehicle Theft

 Statistics were taken June 2022

Our Mission

Keep Dallas Safe exists to address crime and homelessness in Dallas with the goal of transforming Dallas into the safest large city in Texas for residents and businesses. We aim to have a City Council that prioritizes crime rate which directly determines the quality of life in Dallas. We do this by fighting against the "defund the police" movement, holding accountable our city leaders' efforts towards lowering district crime rates, and highlighting our city's homelessness problems by pushing for enforcement of the prohibition of urban camping.

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Crime In Our City

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