From a Former Employee of Jaynie Schultz: You won’t want to miss this.

Posted to the KDS Nextdoor page by an alleged former employee of Jaynie Schultz.  

From a former employee. ARE YOU REALLY VOTING FOR HER? Now , for those who assume (and rightfully so), I’m referring to Ms. Evans, no I am not. I am referring to another candidate running for City Council to represent your district-District 11. Back in August of 2019 (after moving here from out of state) I met Jaynie thru a mutual connection; she was looking for someone to handle her FB Government Official Site. I was hired on the spot and she employed me for seven months. What a journey! I saw the red flags early on (but chose to ignore them) First week I was told “Remind me to pay you.” and “ …that I could not reveal I was the one overseeing her Social Media site.” I pointed out this would affect me networking and signing one or two more clients. Didn’t matter-she stood firm. The woman who first welcomed me with a warm smile, was soon curt, condescending, and easily aggravated. So, I quit! Only to be convinced to return. Everyone has a learning curve, and I naively believed we both were now on a straight path-I was wrong. At one point she had literally had me sit in front of her and read off her ‘List’ of requests. -No talking about anything personal” Yet, it was completely fine for her to share anything. -Never call or text unless it is urgent” -I could not let use her as a reference when seeking out other SM clients The list went on-and I’m embarrassed to admit I tolerated the treatment (I know I quit and returned). The experience of being half way into a meeting, showing her work and layouts that I’d given many hours to, she’d out of the blue, end the meeting, and escort me to the door. I was lucky to have both feet out before it was shut behind me. At this point I’d often get into my car and literally look in the mirror and out loud say “Why are you putting up with this?” I mean were nearly the same age. And I’m a professional-Dear GOD! There is a lot more to my 7 month journey However, I wasn’t sure if I should express a ‘bit’ of my experience with Ms. Schultz. In fact months ago-I wished her good luck etc. Yet as months pass, and the election nears, it allowed me time to reflect on those 7 months, and the month that followed. Do I have my faults? Sure, who doesn’t? And no doubt some may read this and think ‘disgruntled employee’- or ‘there is really nothing here that has be rethinking my vote’ and that is OK. However, I have principles, believe in fair treatment, and open, honest communication. And I know this- I’m certainly not naive to the fact that someone like her is used to getting what they want. It’s either given or paid for. She wants this! She expects this!- She believes she deserves this! Well, perhaps if she wins, she will learn that her actions might be up for review by her DIstrict, not her friends she has volunteered with, or socialized with. People who have no interest other than their District changes for the better. You have four choices to represent your fantastic District 11! It’s your right to cast your vote as you decide. However please think!! Vote for the person who isn’t far left or far right, and who has built something from nothing. Who despite dealing with loss gets back up brushes herself off and keeps trying. And all of this with a character described as kind, honest, patient, understanding passionate, smart and driven. And no skeletons in the closet that are being double locked. I’m a gal who doesn’t live in DIstrict 11, who has nothing to gain, but I know this Candy Evans deserves your vote. And she won’t think “I deserved this!” No-she will think “OK let’s (together) make District 11 and Dallas an Even Better Place to Call Home!

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