KDS Response to Paula Blackmon Candidacy Announcement

Dallas City Councilwoman Paula Blackmon recently announced that she will seek reelection in 2021. We at Keep Dallas Safe spent the evening going over what she sent out and are absolutely amazed at how she reimagines and blatantly ignores her lack of contribution to public safety in 2020. The paragraph we find most concerning follows:

I’ve spent the last several months listening and talking with residents, faith leaders, small business owners, and community organizers about their vision for Dallas and particularly the rapid increase in crime and murders. What I found was that there is a shared determination to come together to find solutions. The answer is not “defunding the police.”  In fact, in 2019, we increased funding by 12 million dollars and put 95 officers back on the street. -Paula Blackmon

What about 2020? Blackmon masterminded the cut of $7 million from the police overtime budget KNOWING that the possibility for civil unrest was coming, and even references ongoing civil unrest as an issue facing the city. She wants the people to forget that she is an avid defunder. She wants to stress what she did in 2019, and not her actions to move money from police to extra lighting for bike paths in rich neighborhoods. Considering her and her lackey Adam Bazaldua’s penchant for “reimagining” it is not a surprise that she is attempting to distance herself from her own actions.

There has been a clear correlation between the cutting of the budget and an increase in crime. She made her decision, and the residents of Dallas have paid with their lives and property. History cannot be rewritten, and we here at KDS will continue to hold city leadership accountable.

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