We start in District 1, Chad West.

For the next two weeks, Keep Dallas Safe will be highlighting the areas of rising violent crime district by district.

We will not be writing out descriptions of all crime in all sections, because in some cases, “Aggravated assault, family violence” may be down, while total murders, rapes and aggravated assault are up overall.

Critics like to cherry pick this information to try to prove we aren’t seeing an increase in violent crime.

We are. Follow us the next two weeks while we dig through the data to prove YOUR council and YOUR city leadership is NOT going to Keep Dallas Safe, despite the promise to do so by each and every member during the election.

Sources for the information can be found here.

 This week we begin with Chad West in D1.

West won reelection after voting to defund the police last year by $7million.

Total homicides are up by 20%.

Want answers? You can contact him at: [email protected]

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