“We don’t get no peace, you don’t get no peace”

Our city’s officials including Chief Eddie Garcia, City Manager T.C Broadnax, and Assistant City Manager Jon Fortune have failed to protect Dallas residents from the most abysmal crimes. Why have they failed?  Because they have become too comfortable in their high six figure sinecure jobs. They couldn’t care less when kids are murdered in broad daylight. They aren’t worried when mentally ill criminals assault innocent women. They have no reason to succeed because they are too comfortable. 

Until Dallas has a full month without a single murder, Dallas leaders should not have a single moment of comfort. Until that happens, they should move into their offices away from their families and creature comforts. If they do not, it is clear that they look at their jobs simply as a way to make money at the expense of the taxpayers and do not grasp the seriousness of what Dallas residents are enduring daily. 

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