“We don’t need occupying forces here”- say the criminals

Last week, in response to the violent crime spike here in Dallas, the Police Department made a perfectly reasonable request to Governor Greg Abbott. The violent crime rate has spiked all over Dallas, and Mayor Johnson has taken off the kiddie gloves. After a  very public spat between Mayor Johnson and Police Chief Hall regarding her impotent response to the obvious rise in crime, Texas Scorecard asked the City Council members individually what they themselves were doing to combat the increase in crime in their districts.

There is not a chance you would be surprised by the response the Scorecard received from our elected officials.

One reply was received: from Cara Mendelsohn, District 12. She explained that she “believes the city council has been clear that we are not seeing the desired outcomes.” And that she “shared my concerns with the city manager about the current violent crime plan, the leadership situation within DPD, and the hiring of a new police chief”.

Keep Dallas Safe would be more pressed to pressure her about what exactly she plans to do about it besides “sharing her concerns”; if she were not the only councilmember to respond. Silence seems to be this organizations favorite way to communicate with their constituents, and it is growing tiresome.

Meanwhile, local “activists” have decried the decision to bring DPS officers to Dallas, fearing speeding tickets and arrests for outstanding warrants. They consider DPS agents “occupying forces” and have forced the hand of the DPD, ensuring they are utilizing the extra man power in an “investigative capacity and not from a field operation or enforcement standpoint” according to a statement released by the DPD.

While this is of course helpful to a department lacking 300 to 700 officers (depending on who you ask), this influx of manpower is temporary, and will not fill the vacuum created by the current officer shortage.

Regardless, those who are most concerned with the increased police presence are those who either engage in, or are friendly with, criminal activities. Normal, law-abiding Dallas citizens fear nothing, and in fact, welcome the DPS officers, as Mayor Johnson has- understanding that the murder rate is unacceptable; and sitting in silence is not going to cut it anymore.

The most deafening silence comes from district 7, fronted by Adam “the bunker” Bazaldua. His district sits currently at 40 murders this year, a staggering increase of over 50% from last year. He has been very vocal on his “reimagining the police” stance: even telling radio personality Rick Roberts in June he unequivocally supports ‘defunding the police’. He sought the endorsement of the DPA during his campaign, then called for DPA president Mike Mata’s head over the summer.

The hypocrisy is palpable.

I suppose the lesson to learn from much of our current city council is this:

You can please some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can’t please a group of immature, principle lacking loudmouths who earn their social media clout by calling cops “murderers”.


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