Irony: thy name is California

The proverbial “they” often tell us that we shouldn’t consume too much news media. Supposedly there are studies that say it can lead to depression and anxiety. While this may be true, we’re here to tell you that sometimes the 24-hour news cycle delivers something so wonderfully ironic and full of schadenfreude that it becomes the high point of your endless scroll sessions. One such incident happened this past Monday in Oakland, California.

During an interview with California’s Department of Violence Prevention, Chief Guillermo Cespedes, armed men accosted the chief and the news crew in an attempted robbery. If that wasn’t enough to elicit an eyebrow raise, it also happened during broad daylight, on the steps of Oakland City Hall. The situation becomes much more farcical when one learns that naught but three hours earlier the wizened political literati of such hallowed halls had decided to remove $18 million in funding from the local police department and gift it to Cespedes’ department.

Hopefully, with this additional funding, the Department of Violence Prevention will be able to provide Chief Cespedes with armed security like the ones Governor Newsom recently relied upon to save him from an angry “unhoused neighbor”. Oh, yes, just two weeks ago while visiting the same illustrious city mentioned above, Gov. Newsom was assaulted by a homeless man. Thankfully, his private security team was there to keep his Louboutin’s from getting scuffed.

Further irony will probably be elicited when the assailants in these incidents are not punished nor ordered to any kind of rehabilitation by the court system. Much like what is happening in Dallas with the refusal to prosecute many crimes, California has decided that ignoring their burgeoning issues is better than doing something about it. Violent homeless persons are being released a few days after assaults. Open drug use is tolerated and in some areas the cities are even giving away drugs.

In the interest of public safety, we here at Keep Dallas Safe are issuing a travel advisory for the state of California. We advise that you take your own taxpayer funded private security as the police will most definitely not be able to assist you. Better yet, take our advice and do not go to California at all, and rather, help us keep Dallas from falling prey to the same type of idiots leading that once great state down a crumbling path.


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