CPAC: How did it go?

Over the weekend, thousands of conservatives from Texas and the world descended on Dallas to network, mingle and.. Dance?

Yes, Dance! Despite the left’s insistence in demonizing not only those interested in public safety, but other values based efforts, everyone we met and interacted with were sweet, respectful, willing to listen, energetic and playful.

The energy was palpable across the Hilton Anatole, a huge, beautiful resort hotel which held plenty of space for the conference attendees. The convention area was nestled in the far back end of the hotel, and filled with reporters, booths and famous people. We definitely spied Caitlyn Jenner, snapped a pic with Col. West and Sherriff Wayborn, and sat not to far from former president Trump while we watched him speak as the headliner Sunday evening.

All in all, it was a fantastic experience, one we hope to repeat. It was clear that our mission of ensuring public safety remains at the forefront of policy in Dallas was well received by everyone we met, and it is clear that the violence plaguing Dallas as well as the rest of the country is NOT being blown out of proportion by groups such as ours and “conservative” media, as leftist Dallas politicos might believe.

We look forward to interacting and working with all our new friends, and working hard to #KeepDallasSafe!

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