Visiting District 2. Watch your cars, Dallas!

Today, as we take a tour through each district’s violent crime stats so far this year, we land on District 2!

Councilman Jesse Moreno is new, having won his first term after Adam Medrano termed out. Moreno comes from a well-entrenched Dallas family, and the rise in crime is not something he can feign ignorance about. He knows the issue, he knows how to fix it, and he’s choosing to ignore it. Lets see how we compare to last year:  There were 1314 assault offences by this time last year in D 2. This year so far, we have 1453. This is a “Small” uptick of 10.58%. While D2 has one of the lowest murder rates in the city, don’t let him fool you into thinking that means violence and crime is down. Also of note, motor vehicle parts theft is up 52.55%! Watch your cars, guys!

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