UP NEXT! District 3, represented by Casey Thomas.

District 3 reaches from far south Dallas nearly into Grand Prairie and North nearly to I-30. Lately, residents in Thomas’s district in the Mount Creek neighborhood have been complaining about lack of city services, and lack of response from their councilman when looking for answers. Some have been trying for years to be annexed by Grand Prairie, since they are the ones providing ambulance, fire, police and even trash pickup, all while paying taxes to Dallas. Pretty awful. Let’s check the stats:


Ok Casey Thomas. Homicide offenses are up a whopping 88.89% over last year! At this time last year, District 3 had seen 9 murders vs 17 so far this year. Your residents have BEEN telling you the violence is unacceptable. What are you planning to do about it? You won your re-election. You promised change. Where is it?

Honorable mention:

Crimes against society, things like animal cruelty, drugs violations, gambling, pornography, prostitution and weapons law violations are up 80.83% over last year. No wonder ya’ll want to be part of Grand Prairie.

You can contact Casey Thomas at:

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