Timberview High School in Arlington, TX endures active shooter situation

Today, 10/6/2021 at around 9:30 am, students at Timberview high school (located in Arlington, Tx, but part of Mansfield ISD) reported an active shooter.

As the morning’s events unfolded, we learned a single student (18, male), after engaging in a fight with another student, pulled a gun and shot at least two students before fleeing out of the south entrance of the school.

What followed, was a manhunt for the student, who was later identified as 18-year-old Timothy George Simpkins. His known place of residence was staked out by several local police departments as well as federal agencies. He was ultimately apprehended around   1:30PM today.

This event may not have taken place in Dallas, however, KDS finds the boundaries of cities arbitrary. What happens in Dallas DOES affect the surrounding communities, and without having the absolute facts in the case, we can be assured in our assumption that the violence plaguing Dallas has come home to roost in the suburbs, as we predicted.

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