This is a win.. but we aren’t done yet.

Last week, The Dallas City Council voted in a 7/8 vote to remove ¾ of the DPD OT fund and place it into the General Fund. This would mean the money was still accessible to DPD, but Chief Eddie Garcia would have to come to the council and ask for the funds when he needed them.

Garcia, at the meeting, expressed his dismay with the proposed amendment, which was added to the agenda by District 1’s Chad West, and explained that the funds will and would need to be asked for, whether the amendment passed or not.

We at KDS watched as the councilmembers voted one by one to remove the DPD overtime funds AGAIN- remember, this happened last year- and were stunned to see a majority vote in favor.

Yesterday, that decision was overturned.

Councilman Tennell Atkins (D3) proposed an amendment which reversed the previous one brough forth by West, and returned the funds back to the DPD to disperse as they needed.

This is a huge win for Keep Dallas Safe…. But it’s not all we are fighting for.

We continue to require our supporters to donate to our cause at We need volunteers to spot and report dangerous homeless encampments to us on Facebook, or to [email protected].

We need us all to continue to pressure city leadership into vigilance against violent crime. This is why we do what we do.

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