This Election Was About Public Safety

While there was some question concerning the breakdown of voting machines and the sudden closing of polling locations, the powers that be have moved forward with certifying the election. It will take some time to determine what, if any, impropriety happened and if it hindered voter participation.


What we can determine for certain, however, is that public safety was at the core of this election season. We saw Council Members who in September voted to defund the police portray themselves as pro-law enforcement by posing with cops and in some cases even pretending to be endorsed by pro public safety groups. Why did they do this? Because the people of Dallas are fed up with high crime. They are fed up with the rampant homeless crisis in downtown. They are fed up with riots where the offenders go unpunished. They are fed up with a corrupt system where serial criminals get “protection” from arrest because they are well connected at City Hall; and they do not want 2021 to end like 2020 did.


We hope that whoever is given the honor of representing the residents of Dallas takes the peoples’ interests into account. The people want an end to the “defund the police” movement and they know that “reform”, “replace”, “defund” and “abolish” effectively all mean the same thing. The people want responsible police officers who treat everyone fairly and do not ignore illegal activities. The people know that Dallas lacks the officers it needs to protect our streets—they know we need 2000 more officers NOW. We hope that all candidates who campaign as pro-public safety leaders will do the right thing and Keep Dallas Safe.

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