Tennell Atkins in District 8 is up next on our crime watch, 2021 tour!

District 8 is the Southernmost district in Dallas and is represented by Tennell Atkins. He began his tenure as councilman in 2007 and has had no problem winning reelection as they come up. He has always touted economic development of his district to be his highest priority, although it’s very hard to convince business to build in an area to dangerous to live and work in. Perhaps the safety of the area should replace economics has his top concern. Let’s look at the numbers.

Something KDS has been concentrating on, along with homelessness, is the issue of family violence. Abusers are often well adapted manipulators and hide their crimes and victims from view before it’s too late. Dallas, and Atkins himself, clearly needs to take focus on this issue in D8, because incidents of Aggravated assaults, Family violence are up 40% over last year.

Homicide offences are standing steady, 16 so far this year vs. 15 this time last year. Clearly change is in order.

Larceny/Theft offences, specifically motor vehicle theft is up 46.02%

 pickpocketing and purse snatching are up 50%.

Like the rest of the city, drug and narcotics violations are up a whopping 85.38%! What is going on y’all!

In total, crimes against society are up 70.41% over last year, remember, that’s drugs, prostitution and weapons law violations.

You can contact Tennell Atkins and ask him what is plan to combat crime in Dallas is here:

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