Say Their Names

On Thursday June 17th, a man was murdered after an apparent conflict at an intersection in Oak Cliff. The altercation led to the suspect shooting the victim resulting in a car crash which ultimately killed the man. This represented the 86th murder in Dallas this year. However, by the time this is published it is likely at least one or two more people will lose their lives to senseless acts of violence. 

 Why are there so many murders in our city? Simple: The Dallas Police Department is understaffed with a mere 3100 sworn officers responsible for protecting a city of 385 square miles with 1.3 Million residents. Even San Francisco which defunded or “reformed” their police department before it was cool has a higher ratio of police officers to citizens and their department is responsible for only 49 square miles. Should we be surprised then that the response to a near fatal stabbing reported on June 7, 2021 took 22 minutes? 

 City Manager T.C Broadnax, Assistant City Manager Jon Fortune, and our left-wing City Council members do not seem to care about our rising murder rate. They collect their fat pay checks regardless of the number of murders in our city and regardless of the number of crimes. We are asking every Dallas elected official to SAY THE NAMES of each victim of murder in our city and commit to attending every single funeral. Because each of their deaths are results of their inability to follow the recommendation of Keep Dallas Safe to immediately recruit and deploy more officers. 

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