Say Their Names

Today marks the 5th anniversary of the attack on Dallas police officers that claimed the lives of 5 dedicated public servants.

Those concerned with crime and public safety in Dallas and support our men and women officers who risk their lives every day know the sting of being accused of racism and hatred towards our fellow residents. This narrative, which has been warped and twisted by the most ravenous leftist supporters of BLM and other organizations, dishonors the lives that are lost every day while working to protect them.

The officers who were hunted, targeted, and murdered were brothers, fathers, sons and friends. They, and most officers, don’t wear the uniform because they seek power and control. They seek safety and order, things a free society must have to exist at all. Ironically, safety and order is what anti-police agitators claim to want too. They’ve coopted the message and anyone who doesn’t agree is a hateful bigot. We vehemently disagree.

On this day, let us SAY THEIR NAMES. The names of the five fallen officers who gave their lives in the pursuit of safety and order. Those who really did make the ultimate sacrifice for the city they lived in and loved. Let’s SAY THEIR NAMES in the honor of their surviving family and friends, who are reminded of their absence every day. Whose pain and grief must be reopened every time they here someone scream “all cops are bad cops” or “abolish the police” or “racist pigs” or any number of hurled insults.

Let’s SAY THEIR NAMES so we do not forget that those who wear the uniform and patrol our streets lead the riskiest of lives, and to let them know we care, we see them, and we thank them for their service.

SAY THEIR NAMES- and then thank a cop today. They KEEP DALLAS SAFE.

DART officer Brent Thompson, 43

Dallas Police Officer Michael Krol, 40

Dallas Sr. Cpl. Lorne Ahrens, 48

Dallas Sgt. Michael Smith, 55

Dallas Police Officer Patricio Zamarripa, 32

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