Paula Blackmon’s District 9 is the next stop on our crime tour of Dallas.

D9 is one of the wealthier districts in Dallas, encompassing most of White Rock Lake.

Paula Blackmon easily won reelection this year when two pro-police candidates split the remaining vote among older, wealthier residents.

Blackmon was one of the architects of the plan to vote to cut $7 million from the police overtime budget last year, and still refuses to acknowledge that this decision led directly to an increase in violence and crime across the city. I have a feeling that is because her district is one of the safest, just due to the wealth and demographics. Let’s have a look.

Family Violence related aggravated assaults are just barely up by 17.02% over this time last year.

Sex offences in total are up 14.29%, but to be fair, those charges probably stemmed from one or two incidents.

Theft offences are up 9.35%, with the largest increase being theft of building, up by 76.92%, I had to google this because I assumed it meant someone was squatting, but apparently, it’s when something is stolen from a building open to the public, or the offender, like a library or their workplace. Interesting.

Again, we see drugs and narcotics violations up by 47.13%, a number lower than most of the other districts we’ve looked at so far, but overall, not good.

We also see a 31.71% increase in weapons laws violations.

Because Blackmon has taken such a hard line on the “defund” movement, we offer her no pats on the back. She has been staunchly in support of reducing the police force, leaving residents in vulnerable communities in danger while her districts residents live in safety. Shame Shame.

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