The “Californication” Continues…..

The City of Dallas has remained on the edge of its seat since early September when Chief Renee Hall Resigned.  The wait is finally over. T.C. Broadnax, the unelected City Manager of Dallas was again tasked with the selection of our next Police Chief. He chose the former Chief of San Jose, Ca. Eddie Garcia. Puerto Rican native Garcia may have succeeded in San Jose, but California is not Dallas, and if we at Keep Dallas Safe can help it, it never will be.

 The abject failure of Hall rests solely on the shoulders of Broadnax, and it is no surprise that when tasked again with this extremely important hiring decision, he would choose to favor “reimagining” over a reduction in violent crime.

The selection of candidates was recently reduced to 7, and the live feed of the finalists answering questions posed by the Dallas City Council was broadcast via public access television and YouTube.

Keep Dallas Safe, watching the candidates closely, were most unimpressed by 4 of the finalists. Our official statement on the finalists can be found here.

What we were watching for was a history of violent crime reduction, a history of transparency, and an undeniable competence in their knowledge of the City of Dallas and its unique history. We found Eddie Garcia to be one of our least favorite 4 choices, instead insisting we hire someone who KNOWS Dallas. Here are the reasons we find this hiring to be subpar:

1.       Garcia has worked for the San Jose Police Department for 29 years. He has never lived in Texas, let alone Dallas.

2.       He has led a department of 1400 at it’s largest. The DPD is currently made up of 3,007 officers and 574 civilians. His experience in leadership will not translate here.

3.       He touts his successes in “community led policing”- a thinly veiled description of backing out of communities who are unwelcoming and hostile to law enforcement.

4.       We found his interview answers to be stylistic and lacking substance. Very reminiscent of Hall.


Dallas needs strong leadership, a reduction in officer shortage, a fully funded force (including overtime) and a commitment to the reduction of violent crime. 2020 has led the last decade in violent assaults and homicides, and we cannot see another year like this one.

In the end, the choice was Broadnax’s to make. His unelected position is one of great power (and an even greater salary) and unfortunately all the input from citizens and citizen led organizations are met by Broadnax with contempt. The Residents of Dallas have made their wishes clear over the last three months, and evidently, #Broadnaxfails to understand the wishes of the people. Why would he? I’m sure we would all love a $400,000 plus annual salary, with no chance to be fired for incompetence.

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