Mayor Eric Johnson wants more money for police.

Yesterday, Mayor Eric Johnson sent a memo to City Manager T.C. Broadnax outlining his expectations for the upcoming fiscal year’s budget. He expressed an explicit desire for 275 officers, double the amount the department projected to hire (It’s important to note here that while there are around 3100 officers working in Dallas, that is still 900-1000 officers short based on per population need for a large city like Dallas). We have hired nearly 80 officers since October but have lost 145.

There are many reasons Dallas continues to hemorrhage our officers. Low pay, high danger, morale issues, the treatment from city leadership and the public.

As much as the leftist anti-police mobsters would love you to believe it, a society cannot function without law and order. Our police are there as protectors of order, and they deserve to be paid and treated well for their massive contribution to our society.

We are appreciative that the Mayor has always taken a hard stance on public safety. He’s more than once expressed his displeasure of budget cuts and divisive language coming from the council. His demands continue to be unmet. Crime is still up over last year, the deadliest year for Dallas in decades.

Chief Garcia recently presented his plan to reduce crime. The results of that are yet to be seen.

Keep Dallas Safe has been saying the same thing for nearly a year now. We need MORE officers. We need MORE funding. It’s enough of the “why is this happening”, it’s enough of “this is what we are going to do about it”. We need “this is what has been done. Look at the results.”

Until we can say with confidence that Dallas is a place we can call safe, we will continue to push with our mission of public safety, loudly and proudly.


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