Another week, another few murders.

Dallas welcomed in the official start to the Holidays with a magical and festive shooting at the Tiger Cabaret, a strip club located in District 7, (of course headed by Adam “The Bunker” Bazaldua) which has seen the largest 2020 increase in murders of all the city council districts. This is yet another example of a seemingly random shooting with no apparent motive and no suspects currently.

On Wednesday November 25th, a man was hit by a gun during an attempted robbery nearby where the shooting occurred over the weekend.

Also, on Tuesday night, a man approached a home in Terrell after suffering from gunshot wounds asking for assistance from the homeowners. Texas Ranger support aided in the arrest of a 23-year-old suspect.

These incidents are compounding and never ending, just as this exceptionally stressful year draws to a close, and Dallas residents are tired of leadership passing the buck.

The criminal element of Dallas has been emboldened this entire year, and when combined with the leadership confusion at the DPD and the stressors of the pandemic- it is no wonder we have seen such a huge increase in crime.

The DPD blames a “lack of data” due to criminal inconsistencies resulting from Covid-19, they claim they are having trouble identifying “hot spot” areas and are stretched thin on police as it is. Governor Abbot’s decision to send in DPS officers was met with scorn from local “activists”, while most of the city council continues to tweet about literally everything but the well-documented rise in crime.

Keep Dallas Safe is planning to bolster you- the voters- in the coming municipal election season. We are actively searching out candidates who are going to take public safety seriously and refuse to kowtow to radical elements that are infiltrating the leadership of Dallas. This experimentation with the “reimagining of policing” must end before even more citizens are gunned down in our streets.


Keep Dallas Safe will be at a rally on Dec. 5th, collecting petition signatures and emails so we can easily disseminate information to our followers. Keep up with us on social media for more information about this event.

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