Keep Dallas Safe: It’s working Ya’ll

Keep Dallas Safe has been working for a year this month to demand city leadership finally take control of the rising violent crime in Dallas. We have held events, hundreds of meetings, made friends and made enemies.

We can finally see our hard work paying off.

Last week, we watched as half the city council and Mayor Johnson refused to even consider moving overtime funding for the DPD into the general fund. There are still some holdouts (Bazaldua) who continue to play politics with his constituents lives. For the most part, however, the council has shifted it’s anti-police stance and completely removed the leftist “defund” rhetoric from their grandstanding.

This is a huge win!

If you remember, this time last year there were many council members who refused to even acknowledge there was a growing issue with violent crime. They voted to irresponsibly cut $7 million from the OT budget, and they were spewing anti-police talking points over any microphone they could get their hands on.

After Hall “retired”, T.C. Broadnax was forced to hire a police chief who had experience combating violent crime in a large city, and Chief Garcia went to work immediately to begin work on his violent crime reduction plan.

We are still missing some key components.

  1. The council needs to provide funding for MORE officers, 200, or 300 even won’t cut it. Dallas needs at least 1000 more officers in order to realize the crime prevention plan’s reduction numbers.
  2. We need volunteers. We need citizens out every single day finding and reporting homeless encampments, so we can report them to the city. We will be calling out inaction, as these camps are dangerous for those inside and outside of them. The way to solve homelessness is NOT to ignore it.
  3. We need our supporters to donate. We are tired of hearing from those of you who “support” our work, praise us for our wins, and refuse to partake in any volunteer efforts. If you truly care about crime reduction in Dallas, Donate time or money. We can’t keep doing this by ourselves.

Overall, we are very happy with the work we have done, and we see the fruits of our labor in the way the council is trying to tackle crime, and the actual reduction of incidents of violent crime and murders.

Great job, Eddie Garcia, ok job council, great job to those of you who do volunteer and donate. Let us help #KeepDallasSafe by donating here on our website.\

Thank you!
-The KDS Team

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