Increasing Violence and Increasing Pay?

Over the long weekend, more than 230 people were killed. This number is absolutely mind boggling and yet no surprise to those of us that have been paying attention. Violent crime is on the rise.

Dallas is once again on pace to eclipse the previous year and the best our city leadership can do is give themselves merit raises; and that is what we wish to talk about. Why are city leaders such as TC Broadnax receiving “merit” raises when we are experiencing one of the most violent times in city history? Merit is defined as the quality of being particularly good or worthy, especially so as to deserve praise or reward. Does the increasing violent crime rate sound worthy of praise or reward?

It is the position of Keep Dallas Safe that it is not. The only thing the current state of the city is worth is scorn and a serious reconsideration of the abilities of the city manager to handle the problem. Yes, Broadnax recently brought in Chief Eddie Garcia, and while Chief Garcia has made some promising strides, Broadnax has been at the helm of the sinking ship for some time.

The citizens of Dallas deserve better. They deserve someone committed to Keeping Dallas Safe.

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