Hindsight is 2020

Hindsight is 2020.

City Manager T.C. Broadnax finally admits he should have told the DA and other Dallas city leadership about the loss of DPD data sooner.

The data loss, which is equal to around 8 terabytes, included evidence from crimes, photos, videos, interviews and more.

One criminal has already been released from custody without trial due to this loss of evidence.

Broadnax now realizes policy changes must be made and has begun by instating a communication plan for all future breaches.

City leadership will be notified of any loss or data breach within 2 hours of the incident. Remember though, Broadnax waited 4 months to say anything. He swears to “no malice” or intent to delay revealing the information. I don’t think it can be considered anything but irresponsible and malicious.

The council is expected to address the issue publicly Thursday.

The only council member who had been briefed on the data loss was Jennifer Gates, who left the council in June. She claims she was unaware the rest of the council was not informed, and that the employee who lost the data had been removed from their position.

One head has rolled, and it’s not cover-it-up-Broadnax. It’s a low paid IT worker who didn’t receive proper training.

Keep Dallas Safe has a lot to say about Broadnax, and this most recent event is telling of his character and leadership. We plan to issue a petition to call for the removal of T.C. Broadnax due to this incident.

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