Happy Monday! Today we explore D 11.

District 11 has a brand-new council member, Jaynie Schultz. A progressive liberal, Jaynie’s history in City Governance and service is extensive and includes museum boards and foundations related to her Jewish faith.

Of note in her bio, is a complete lack of mention of crime in her district or the city, and she was noticeably quiet on the issue during her run for office.

Let’s see how this year has shaped up.

Aggravated assaults in total are up 9.09% over last year, with a noticeable uptick in family violence related aggravated assaults at 49.46%. This is something KDS is going to be highlighting along with the issue of homelessness for the rest of this year.

Sex offences are up 22.22% with 2 fewer rapes but higher numbers in other categories that increased to percentage over this time last year.

Residential burglaries are up 27.18%. That is an extremely scary number, with 131 this year so far.

Larceny and theft offences overall are up 23.21%, with the highest increase being in theft from motor vehicles. Anecdotally, this is one of the most widely reported crimes I hear Dallas residents complaining about. More officers on the ground would prevent these crimes, without a doubt.

Drugs and narcotics violations have increased by 64.66%, and weapons law violations by 50%.

While Jaynie Schultz is new to the office, we are sure she is aware of the rise in crime in the city and her district, and we implore our supporters to contact her and ask how she plans to combat this. She should come into office with a plan, and we would like to hear about it, if there is one. You can contact Jaynie Schultz here:

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