Funding, please!

On Monday of this week the wonderful leaders of the Dallas City Council Public Safety Board had a meeting to discuss the current state of crime in the city. They also gathered to listen to Tennell Atkins ask for repeated recaps of the proceedings and Casey Thomas repeat any idea he thought deserving of his blessing. Quite frankly the only person who made a lick of sense was the incomparable Cara Mendelsohn, but what else is to be expected when she is the only member of the group that did not attempt to defund portions of the DPD budget last go around?

Despite the aforementioned issues we heard from the new chief of police Eddie Garcia and how his crime prevention plan is proceeding. He says it is doing well, and the numbers do seem to indicate that a small change is happening. Multiple council members asked him what he needed to keep things moving in the right direction and it all boiled down to more officers, yet there are rumblings that City Manager TC Broadnax is not supportive of Mayor Eric Johnson’s plan to hire almost 300 new officers with the upcoming budget.

Our own chief is telling us what he needs, yet overpaid politicians are still standing in the way. Keep Dallas Safe stands by its assertation that we need a minimum of 2000 new officers brought on board over the next 5 years or so, and it appears that the Mayor agrees, too.

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