Election Integrity is a Zero Tolerance Issue

Saturday, May 1st, was the last voting day for the municipal elections in Dallas. Public safety was the number one priority voters were concerned about, and the results of the election reflect that. Mostly.

KDS, along with D 12 Councilwoman Cara Mendelsohn and Mayor Eric Johnson were disheartened to learn that several voting locations in minority populated districts were inoperable for several hours on voting day: leading to voters leaving and not casting their ballots. This is unacceptable. The City of Dallas owes it to their citizens to have every legitimate vote counted. We, as has Mrs. Mendelsohn, are asking for an outside investigation into the matter, to ensure errors of this magnitude never happen again. As we face several important runoffs that will shape the council makeup and its actions on public safety, it is more important than ever that our election procedures, equipment, and officials are beyond reproach. If the investigation reveals fraud, we will be calling for resignations. Please report any trouble you had voting by visiting the Texas Secretary of State.

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