“We are the storm” Rally 12/5/20- Count it a success

Keep Dallas Safe was invited to speak to an attendance of nearly a thousand concerned citizens on Saturday, and we had a lot of fun. The energy from the crowd was palpable as Daniel Taylor took the stage and spoke on the importance of participating in municipal elections. “Do you want to take back this country?” He asked the crowd. “It starts here. How can you do that if you can’t take back a city? We must take back this city, and we can.”

The mood was one of solidarity as many disparate groups of citizen organizations and political party affiliates came together to hear a message of hope, compassion, and grit. We know we are fighting the good fight by the raucous response we have received by those attached to the ‘defund’ movement.  We know we are in the right corner because the people we meet are intelligent, engaged, and informed voters. With these people behind our movement, we can’t lose.

As KDS has grown over the last several months, we have been privileged to sit down with Dallas residents and game plan for the coming City Council elections. The rally Saturday brought many more patriots and concerned citizens to our family, and we couldn’t be more proud of the progress we’ve already made. We’ve met with council members, the DPA, police officers, and Dallas residents. We are vetting candidates for the May elections, and are very passionate in our mission to take back Dallas. The sky-high violent crime rates are a flagrant example of the incompetence plaguing the leadership of this city, and it is well past time for a change.

As the spring draws nearer, we will be actively participating in neighborhood meetings, collecting volunteers to spread our message, and ensuring the success of our mission. It starts at home, as our followers know, but it won’t end here. First the city- then the world.

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