District 7 is a mess. Does Baz have the grit to change it?

Today we visit District D7, headed by one of our favorites (sarcasm) Adam Bazaldua.

Adam is one of the council members who voted to defund the police overtime budget by $7 million last year, then quietly put the money back.

His goal was to pander to the absolute Marxiest of his constituency, which ironically, don’t even reside in his district… They only stroke his ego online in Facebook groups such as Reform Dallas.

The “defund” vote was popular among those in the leftist politico scene in Dallas, but not so much with the actual residents of D7, who are begging for a reduction of violent crime and more officers on the streets.

Good thing he has a strong fan base online, because if actual District 7 residents had the time to rant on Facebook, I think Baz would be ashamed of his actions on the council so far.

Let’s get into it!

Homicide offences are relatively unchanged from last year. Sitting at 21 and 23 respectively.  On paper, this looks like a reduction percentage wise, so be careful when Adam tries to explain away the high murder rate with percentage decreases.

Sex offences including rape, incest, kidnapping, and statutory rape are up 8.51%

Drug and narcotics violations are up 93.38%!! That’s pretty heavy.

Good news, Animal cruelty is down by 36.36%. I’ll never discount a reduction in animal cruelty, I love animals.

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