District 6 and Omar Narvaez, It’s your turn!

District 6 encompasses West Dallas and includes the Trinity River Greenbelt Park. Omar Narvaez has presided over the district since 2017, and his family has lived in the district for over 80 years, which he is always quick to mention.

Let’s dig in and see how Omar has “helped” combat violence and murders. oh nooo.. ok this is bad.

Aggravated assault offences are up 32.67% over last year, with the shocking number of 333 so far this year.

Homicide offences are up 30% over last year.

Rapes are down, with the number standing at 19 vs 29 last year. I wouldn’t be too proud of that myself, Omar.

Fraud, larceny and motor vehicle theft are all up, with the highest increase being fraud, up 34.95% from 2020.

Here is the whopper: Drug and narcotics violations are up 96.77%! I suppose one could argue that means the police are making more arrests, which is good, but yikes, that’s a lot of drug offences! 732 to be exact.

Finally, we have weapons law violations, up 59.80%.

This is embarrassing, Omar. You have sat at your seat for 4 years now, and crime has gone nowhere but up.

You voted to cut police overtime last year, knowing that the city was experiencing a massive increase in violence and criminal acts. Why would you do that? Do you care about your residents?

It’s time to “reimagine” your tenure.


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