District 5, You’re up!

District 5, You’re up!

D 5 sits in the center of East Dallas. It includes some of the oldest neighborhoods in Dallas, and has always been a hotbed of crime, but the last two years have seen violent assaults, robberies and drug crimes explode.

Jamie Resendez isn’t new to the council. He is aware he has a lot of work to do to help his district climb out of the depths of despair his residents are forced to live in. We want to hear how you can work with T.C. Broadnax and the rest of the council to get more police patrolling the streets. Let’s check the stats, yeah?

While the percentages of aggravated assaults show a minor decrease over this time last year (and we have plenty of time to catch up), The numbers are astounding. Total assaults, which include aggravated assaults, intimidation, family violence and simple assaults stand at 414 for this year, and 530 at this time last year. That is a huge number.

Homicides remain even, at 7.

Sex offences are up 22.73%

Business burglaries are up 14.00%

Drug and narcotics violations are up 35.98%, the most we have seen so far.

It’s important to note while we go through these numbers, that these are only the crimes that were caught. There are presumably thousands of serious crimes occurring throughout Dallas every hour of every day. More police, more detectives, more undercovers and informants on the streets will prevent murders and assaults, robberies and rapes. It’s proven that visible officers prevent criminal acts.

Help us pressure the council to increase the police budget this year by calling your councilmember and demanding they do something about the crime.

We need to save this city, and we need your help to do it.

You can reach Jamie Resendez at:

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