District 4 has seen 25 rapes this year. That is unsettling.

Today, we explore district 4. Carolyn King Arnold has held that seat since 2015. This will be her last session in the council.

District 4 sits on top of parts of D3 and D6 and ends northeast of the Dallas zoo. It’s been described as a hotbed for criminal mischief and more serious offences. That’s not a great reputation, especially for a district that’s seen consistent leadership for almost a decade. Let’s dig into the stats, shall we?

For crimes against society, we have seen a 70.42% increase over last year. Remember, these include things like weapons charges, prostitution, and narcotics offences, which are themselves up 61.83%. Rapes are down from 35 last year to 25 this year at this time. I think any is too many. I hope she doesn’t try to claim that statistic as a win. Aggravated assaults are just barely up with a 1.22% change over last year, with the actual numbers being 166 and 164. That is a LOT of assault. This year has also seen 13 homicides this year in D4 alone. The district isn’t very large.

Carolyn, what is your plan to address this crime in your district? Since you won your seat, your district has seen a year over year increase in violence and crime. Maybe your constituents should be aware of that.

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