District 14, and our last stop. How’s is going Paul Ridley?

D 14 is oddly shaped, and coils around parts of districts 7 and 9. Ridley is also new to the seat, beating out David Blewett twice, as the first election required a runoff. The general feeling on why Blewett lost his seat, is that he ignored the community’s anguish over rising crime, violence and thefts throughout their neighborhoods. During the election, constituents made it clear they want a heavier police presence and a focus on crime. Let’s see how the district stacks up so far this year.  

Assault offences over all are up by 25.17% over last year, with aggravated assault non-family violence is up by a huge 71.28%.  161 incidents so far this year! 

Last year saw 2 murders, this year, we are at 4. 

Sex offences are up 25.07%, disturbing. 

Stolen property offences, which neighbors in d14 have been complaining about widely, is up over 100% from last year. 

Same as city wide, drug and narcotics violations are up 72.19% over last year. 

Prostitution is up over 100%! 

Crimes against society are up 61.26%. 

Overall, it’s looking much worse for every single district than even last year. Eddie Garcia unveiled a crime plan in the spring that he hoped would reduce violence and criminal acts everywhere. KDS believes that until the priority is in hiring more officers, all they are doing is running officers ragged while they try to keep up with the chaos. 

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