District 13, Let’s see how you’re doing!

D 13 has a new council member, Gay Donnell Willis. She has spent her career mostly, in the private sector, managing accounts for massive corporations, but more recently served as president and CEO on the Turtle Creek Conservancy. She has a known a long-time relationship with her predecessor, Jennifer Gates, who termed out and was unable to run for reelection.

D13 is bisected by Royal Lane and includes a long stretch of the Dallas North Tollway. Not always a hotbed of crime in the wealthy neighborhoods, but as we know, no part of Dallas has been safe from the astronomical rise in violence and crimes over the last two years.

Let’s dig in!

Aggravated assaults categorized as non-family violence are up 17.19% over this time last year in D13.

The murder rate has increased by 100%, but it would be disingenuous to not point out that it’s because there have been 2 this year vs 1 last year to date.

Kidnapping/abduction has seen a minor increase, although the raw numbers are still some of the lowest in the city, 3 this year, 2 last to date.

Theft/larceny offences have increased by 4.25% in total, with the largest increase in shoplifting. If you remember, however, the Dallas DA is refusing to prosecute any shoplifting offences totaling less than $750.00, so arrests may be made, but there is no consequence for those walking into a store or small business and walking out.

 The upward trend in drug and narcotics violations we’ve seen across the city makes no exception in D 13 with a 44.70% increase over last year. What is going on there.

Lastly, we have a 71.88% increase in weapons law violations over this time last year, as we have seen in every other district as well.

Overall, District 13 has low crime numbers, again, mostly due to the economic status of the neighborhoods located there.

It’s worth noting that those who can afford it, can pay the city for actual Dallas police officers to make constant patrols around their neighborhoods, leaving the rest of the city to worry about being shot or stolen from with no guilt to their ill fate.

If you would like to reach out to Gay Donna Willis and ask her what she plans to do about the increase in crime in Dallas, you can contact her here:

We make no exception for low crime in areas who can afford private patrols. We demand the entire city council and leadership staff work diligently to fully fund our police department and reduce crime NOW.

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