District 10 and Adam McGough, You’re up!

Our next stop brings us to Dallas city council district 10, which Adam McGough has presided over since 2015.

District 10 sits atop the Northeast portion of the city, and includes 635, Lake Highlands, and parts of White Rock Creek.

We have noticed an uptick in criminal incidents over the last few weeks while really exploring the crime individually district by district. Let’s let the stats speak for themselves.

Assault offences, including aggravated family and non family violence are up a total of 1.43% over last year, which means it’s basically held steady. What we and to see here is a noticeable reduction.

Homicides are up a total of 30% over last year. Not surprising based on what we have been noticing when analyzing the reported crimes every day.

Fraud offences are up 21.21% from this time last year, and total crimes against society are up 2.99%. Not a huge increase, certainly not a decrease.

If you are as concerned with the continuing rise in violence and crime in Dallas, please contact your council member, or ask them all!

We are here to #KeepDallasSafe, and we will not stop raising a fuss until we see #2000More officers and a measurable decrease in crime, panhandling, violence and homelessness.

You can contact Adam McGough at:

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