Dallas Police Chief launches plan to reduce domestic violence in Dallas.

On Monday, Dallas police Chief Eddie Garcia held a press conference to describe his newest effort to reduce violent crime in Dallas. This effort focuses on domestic violence, which has increased more than 14% in 2020. Most victims were attacked by their intimate partners.

He was joined by Mayor Eric Johnson, who helped to describe the widespread problem and what Garcia’s plan entails.

The three major parts of the plan are:

  1. Increase the number of dedicated family violence detectives, to speed up the investigations.
  2. Resume home visits to check on victims and alleged abusers to determine if the victim is at high risk of being hurt. In the past, lengthy studies filed out by victims were used to determine risk level.
  3. DPD will work closely with federal authorities to prosecute domestic violence offenders who are banned from owning firearms. They also plan to work with domestic violence shelters to help victims leave their dangerous situations swiftly.

Garcia stated to survivors and victims “you don’t have to live in that environment”. He also said “violent people are violent people. The same individuals that are committing violence outside the house are the same individuals that are battering in the house.

In January, a new law will allow bond information to be shared with police officers in the field, so if they run a check on a person, the bond information will be readily available, and allow arrest for potential violations of their bond stipulations.

The approach to reduce violence inside and outside the home is part of Garcia’s violent crime prevention plan, which he unveiled earlier this year.  The plan has yielded some reduction in homicides over last year, but the overall number of violent incidences, burglaries and other crimes is at a high not seen in over a decade.

Garcia has maintained that a key component of his plan is to section the city into “grids”, assigning those “grids” threat levels determined by criminal activity, and staffing those areas with patrols accordingly. He told the council committee on public safety in September that for his plan to be at peak effectiveness, he needed more officers to staff more and smaller “grids”.  For a reminder, while the DPD has hired 165 officers over the last fiscal year, they have lost 205 to normal attrition. They just aren’t hiring fast enough.

Keep Dallas Safe maintains our commitment to push city leadership to provide a goal of hiring 2000 more officers over the next two-three years to finally end the crime wave unfairly punishing the law-abiding residents of Dallas.

Contact your council member and let them know you demand an end to the violence. You can find your council member Here.

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