24/7: Chief Hall and the FBI Call

We know the citizens of Dallas are extremely aware of the increase in violent crime this year. It is why KDS was created. We also know the City Council has been playing political hot potato with the subject: calling for “police reform” while stripping the budget and then pretending each even more violent weekend is an anomaly. Some City Council members have gone so far as to jump on the “abolish/defund the police” hype train, which is easy to do when you live behind 11 foot gates with security posted at all entrances and exits to your neighborhood.

For the rest of us, the fact that last weekend was the deadliest of the year so far, is sobering.

Last weekend Dallas saw 7 murders in 24 hours. Combined with last week’s fatal shooting of Melvin Noble, a local rapper who goes by Mo3, Chief Hall was prompted to ask for help from the FBI.

“We are in a horrific and tragic state,” Said Hall. “And these individuals are empowered by the weapons that they carry and so we are being proactive.”

Excuse me? Proactive? Proactive would have been to formulate a plan or take action to reduce violent crime in Dallas within the first few months of Hall’s tenure.

Proactive would have been to set a goal of violent crime reduction a bit better than 5%.

Proactive would have resulted in a homicide count this year lower than 230.

So while Hall can lament the crime rate (of which she is at least partially responsible for), expressing that “it makes us angry because it is senseless violence”, and ask for FBI assistance to help clean up her mess, what can the rest of us do?

Besides doing our best to avoid being murdered while doing something like parking the car or getting our kids from daycare, we can continue to place pressure on City Manager Broadnax to ensure our next police chief is experienced and immune to political dog whistles. We can meet together to discuss ways to help keep our city safe, which you can do at the KDS in Your Neighborhood events we will be hosting as often as possible. We can remain vigilant in our observation of the city council as they respond to the surge in violence and ensure they are listening to the will of the people they represent. And we can continue to let everyone know just how badly #BroadnaxFails at every task laid at his feet. There is nothing more important than our lives, and there should be no greater priority for those with whom we place our trust

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