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What does the DPD say about the homeless and panhandling crisis in Dallas? We found out.

On Tuesday, 10/19/21, Keep Dallas Safe reached out to the DPD asking to speak with someone regarding the issue of illegal camping and panhandling in Dallas. Our call was promptly returned, and we learned quite a lot about what the DPD is doing to solve the problem, and where their hands are tied. The first…


Dallas Police Chief launches plan to reduce domestic violence in Dallas.

On Monday, Dallas police Chief Eddie Garcia held a press conference to describe his newest effort to reduce violent crime in Dallas. This effort focuses on domestic violence, which has increased more than 14% in 2020. Most victims were attacked by their intimate partners. He was joined by Mayor Eric Johnson, who helped to describe…


Timberview High School in Arlington, TX endures active shooter situation

Today, 10/6/2021 at around 9:30 am, students at Timberview high school (located in Arlington, Tx, but part of Mansfield ISD) reported an active shooter. As the morning’s events unfolded, we learned a single student (18, male), after engaging in a fight with another student, pulled a gun and shot at least two students before fleeing…


FBI: Record surge in 2020 murders; nearly 30% increase drives spike in violent crime


The FBI released its uniform crime report this week, and the data is dead on with what all of us have suspected: Violent crime is way up across the nation. The FBI reports the increase in homicide as close to 30%, the largest single year increase in 60 years of data tracking. Along with the…

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