T.C. Broadnax has failed the city of Dallas

T.C. Broadnax has made it clear he does not care about the city or the residents of Dallas.  T.C. Broadnax cares about one thing- himself. He has a job making over $400,000 a year, and his full-time job seems to be to justify why he should remain there.  

When it comes to Keeping Dallas Safe, he has failed time and time again. If our City Manager was not working in lock step with convicted child abuser Dominique Alexander, we wouldn’t have had to even create Keep Dallas Safe.

We KNOW he selected Chief Renee Hall in collaboration with criminal Dominique Alexander.

We KNOW he has stood behind the City Council as they worked to defund the Dallas Police Department.

We KNOW he is leading the new police Chief search in an opaque and familiar manner, all the while muffling the voices of reason and amplifying those of popular leftist rhetoric.

The huge increase in violent crime in Dallas is evidence of the failure of this approach.  

The cries from the people of Dallas to do something to Keep Dallas Safe is evidence of the failure of this approach.  

The silence from the City Manager’s office is its own evidence.

We say ENOUGH!

Why is an unelected official allowed to tie the hands of Mayor Johnson who is genuinely interested in Keeping Dallas Safe?

Why is he allowed to intimidate the elected members of the City Council?

Why is HE allowed to wander City Hall arm and arm with Dominique Alexander while the city of Dallas suffers?

His silence speaks volumes and it is time for all of us—the people of Dallas—to not let him off the hook until he answers these questions and more.

We implore our members and all the citizens of Dallas to ask Broadnax why the crime in Dallas is increasing. Why the homeless and veterans in Downtown are not being taken care of. Why we continue to tie the hands of police when it comes to mob attacks on local businesses.

 Why don’t we #AskBroadnax?

#AskBroadnax on all social media platforms why there are grandparents and small children being shot in their apartment parking lots with no arrests to be had.

#AskBroadnax why he stood by while the police budget was drained

#AskBroadnax why he allows violent mobs to roam free throughout the city

#AskBroadnax why streetlamps in some neighborhoods are more important than having officers in others?

#AskBroadnax any of YOUR questions and concerns about public safety.

Enough is enough, we will Keep Dallas Safe with or without him. But we deserve to know why we need to #AskBroadnax in the first place.

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