The infallible Lord of the Internet Zuckerberg has recently implemented a new notification to let his subjects know when they have been exposed to heretical, “extremist” texts. It is unknown at this time if a simple course of antibiotics or something much stronger (we prefer tequila in this house) will be required. What specifically defines “extremist content” in this new system we are unsure of, but we do know that caring about public safety seems to meet the guidelines.

The hypocrisy here is astounding. We have seen no such extremism warnings coming from violent leftist organization content, but those that question the benevolence of such groups are certainly labeled as such. Once again this is just a reminder that the internet oligarchy must maintain their “woke” status lest they be canceled by the very groups they pander to.

Keep Dallas Safe will not stop being concerned about public safety, and we will not stop speaking out about the violence inherent to leftist hate groups. It would be a great nuisance to be de-platformed, but the major social media sites are already throttling traffic to our pages to such an extent that we pay just for our own followers to see it. So, please, do us a favor, and help us spread our “extremism” and like, share, and follow, every chance you can.

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