Austin ain’t what it used to be. Neither is Dallas

Over the weekend, a shooting took place in downtown Austin’s famous 6th street. The aftermath saw the death of one victim, and 13 injured. A suspect has been taken into custody, one remains on the loose. Police blame the shooting on an “isolated incident between two parties”, according to Austin interim Police Chief Joseph Chacon. He praised the efforts of those officers who first arrived on the scene, triaging victims, and clearing the area for bystanders. Police even transported 6 of the injured in their own vehicles, bypassing the large pedestrian crowds that can make it difficult for ambulances to reach the center of the popular area for nighttime party goers. The efforts are to be lauded, for certain, but that is not what we need to focus on moving forward: it’s the massive increase in violent crime that has plagued Austin and other cities around America as efforts to ‘defund the police’ continue to gain traction and action.

Austin mayor Steve Adler has said that the ADP has increased its efforts to curb gun violence in the city, going so far as to refer to it as a “crisis”. Police Chief Chacon relayed that the city has seen a 124% increase in crimes involving firearms since 2015.

This massive increase, this “crisis”, comes on the heels of the Austin City Council’s successful effort to cut police funding in the wake of 2020’s anti-police protests surrounding the death of George Floyd. The same efforts have been made and been successful in many cities across the nation, and in each and every one, including our Dallas, what follows is an increase in violent crime.

The leftists who champions these efforts will parrot the old line about having too many guns, about citizen carry laws causing the crime, about the potential for firearm buy-back programs and mental health services. The facts are that violent crime isn’t committed by law-abiding, mentally stable, legal gun carrying citizens. Violent crime is committed by those already engaged in illegal activity, those with unstable mindsets and a history of violence, and they aren’t going to skip up to the police station to hand in their guns because the government tells them to.

What Dallas, and the rest of America needs to make clear to its leadership is that we need MORE officers. We need MORE funding. We need to have our rank-and-file protectors feel honored and respected in the streets they risk their lives for every day. We need to ensure that the new members of the Dallas council understand that defunding is not the answer. The citizens of Dallas have made it clear where they stand on the issue of public safety, and they need to take the call to action seriously, before shootings in our downtown area must be labeled a “crisis”.

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