Council Conundrums 11/11/2020.

At yesterday’s City Council meeting both Bazaldua and Narvaez spoke out against measures they felt would unfairly affect minority communities. Our question is why didn’t they think of that when they voted for a policy to cut police overtime that has directly affected those communities through a further spike in crime? The levels of hypocrisy coming from these two is absolutely off the charts.

The big story, however, is that block of 8 council members, (led by Lee Kleinman) continue to try to undercut the authority of Mayor Johnson and those that voted for him. Their goal is to usurp him from making judgements during the legislative session in Austin. They insist there is a lack of communication coming from the Mayor, to which he retorted with a reminder of their back room deals leading up to the last budget meeting.

These same type of deals could be even easier to implement when dealing with legislation if the Mayor is removed from the position. KDS therefore supports Mayor Johnson in his fight with many of the council members.

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