Renee Hall is “offended and exhausted” – how familiar

The citizens of Dallas have had enough. The DPD has had enough. Mayor Johnson has had enough.

 Renee Hall, Dallas Police Chief has had enough. Apparently.

The murder rate in Dallas has increased by 20% over last year, an unusually prominent failure for an outgoing police chief in the U.S.  Her resignation has been met with eyerolls from those who expected it and anger from those who legitimately believed in her and expected her to succeed. Hall and Dallas City Manager T.C. Broadnax’s decision making should, at this point, be generously considered questionable. Keep Dallas Safe will venture to blame it on incompetence. The failures are massive and compounding with no end in sight. There is a chance the next Chief could succeed at leading the police force and partnering with the community, all while reducing violent crime, but with Broadnax at 0:1 on the Chief selection process, KDS is more than skeptical.

 At the start of her tenure, Hall spent nearly a million dollars on consulting firm KPMG, asking them to audit the staffing issues faced by the DPD, and make recommendations to alleviate overworked officers and improve 911 response times. Their recommendations included replacing up to 150 “desk” jobs now performed by sworn officers with civilian employees, including investigatory and data research positions. While some of these positions could no doubt be filled by competent civilians, there was evidence and  DPD support which insisted the loss in institutional knowledge would be devastating  to some departments, and would cause a continuance of the crime spike we are now seeing. When Mayor Johnson asked for a plan in 2019 to reduce the violent crime spike at that time, Chief Hall reiterated the recommendations from KPMG and included another 5% increase to the civilian force working inside the DPD. This was not a workable plan from the beginning, and it has been devastating for our city.

The Dallas police department reached a point of absolute disfunction over the summer, when rioters were allowed to burn buildings and stop traffic while Hall demanded her officers “stand down”, fearing a backlash from anonymous online activists and liberal media outlets. Downtown businesses were destroyed, the morale of the street officers was at an all-time low, and the public’s confidence in the leadership of the department and the city was decimated.

So Chief Hall resigned.

Now the City Manager is again tasked with the selection of the next police chief. The plan is to use the exact same method of selection as he did for the hiring of Hall: bring in an expensive headhunting firm at the cost of the taxpayers, reach out to “invitees” to serve on the public committee portion of the process, then ultimately hand over all control to Broadnax behind closed doors. I suppose the method is akin to what my mother used to tell me when I complained about dinner- “you get what you get, and you don’t throw a fit”. The problem here is, my mother didn’t prepare a dinner in a closed kitchen with a chance myself or someone I know could be killed by whatever she brought to the table, and in this instance, there is. Keep Dallas Safe is here to pull back the curtain and to ensure the citizens of Dallas are not poisoned by the incompetence of our leaders; because sometimes what you get is a 20% increase in crime when you expected chicken soup.

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