“Keep Dallas Safe” is here to stay: Crime ridden Dallas must work to improve its condition.

Earlier this week, a 4-year-old boy was taken from his crib in the middle of the night, brutally tortured to death, and left on the streets of a Dallas neighborhood to be found by a woman on her early morning walk.  The crime was solved quickly, at least the who. The why may never be understood: how could it?

Every weekend, young people at clubs are forced to flee from gunfire erupting inside and outside of nightclubs, in hip neighborhoods. Their drinks crash to the ground as they try to make sense of the violence and find somewhere safe to wait out the terror. The DPD may make an arrest, they may not. Sometimes the victims of these crimes never receive justice, our officers and detectives are overworked and spread too thin. They are unavailable, due to understaffing, to ensure peace before war breaks out.

Road rage incidents on the highways in Dallas have turned daily commutes into old-west style shootouts, ending with cars careening into sidewalls and innocent families pulling their children from the wreckage.

This must stop.

Those most aligned with the left will argue semantics: “The crime rate is up all over the country, so it’s not a Dallas problem.” “If you look over the last 50 years- this is one of the ‘safest’ times in the history of Dallas’.” These ideas lack logic and are nothing more than disingenuous arguments to real questions about why our city is plagued with violent crime. These are deflections which allow leftists to avoid answering the most important question of all- “How do we make our city safer?”

Recently, Dallas police officers on the ground have had a tough half a decade. They have been through leadership change after leadership change. The pension fund disaster decimated morale and caused an exodus of experienced and dedicated officers toward nearby cities with lower risk and higher pay. They moved where their livelihood and lives will not be used as pawns in the council chambers for “street cred” and a few potential votes.

Now that Chief Eddie Garcia has taken the reigns, the rank and file seem hopeful they can be insulated from the internal and external politics of Dallas. Garcia’s crime plan lays out a clear path to fewer homicides and break ins, violent crime, Etc. For it to work, however, Dallas needs MORE OFFICERS, period.

 The DPD has been short anywhere from 900-1200 officers for the previous 5 years. The decision to cut the already strapped overtime budget last September proved to be a short sided political play by the most leftist council members in the chamber. While most of the members who took that vote recanted their original reasoning, there are still several councilmembers who are outright hostile to the police department and can only be described as “Anti-Public Safety”. There is no other reason to pull funding from the police department when the city is at its highest violent crime rate in decades.

Keep Dallas Safe will continue to pressure city leadership to ensure the hiring and retention of 2000 more qualified, dependable, and dedicated officers before the end of 2022. The data across the country is clear: more visible officers, more detectives solving crimes and getting repeat offenders off the streets and longer sentencing for violent criminals WILL prevent and decrease the violent crime rate.

KDS as an organization is not going to let the crime continue. We will push city leadership to stop playing Russian Roulette with the safety of the citizens for political brownie points. Make no mistake- Keep Dallas Safe is here, and here to stay. We will fight for more officers, and we will fight for the safety of every citizen in Dallas.

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