What Do Dallas City Leaders Want For Our City- And Why Dallas Needs KDS To Help Stop It:

When looking at some of the recent decisions by certain city leadership, it is easy to wonder what they were thinking. Where did they find inspiration for these follies? To answer this, look no further than the state of California and the city of Chicago where leaders gamble with the safety of the public while living in the lap of secured luxury.


California is in the middle of a grand social experiment where leftist buzzwords are being used to shape the future of law enforcement in cities such as Los Angeles. However, the murder rate in that specific city has gone up 20% (remind you of anything local?). It is easy for Governor Newsom to talk about “reimagining” policing from behind the walls of his $3.7 Million walled compound with 24/7-armed security courtesy of the California Highway Patrol.


Mayor Lori Lightfoot of Chicago took no action as rioters and looters destroyed downtown Chicago, ransacking businesses owned by African Americans and recent immigrants. When the protesters marched towards her million-dollar home, she ordered Chicago Police to block off the street. Her reasoning? “We have a right in our home to live in peace”. We fully agree with that. So long as everyone else has that right as well.


Dallas City Leaders like T.C Broadnax, the 11 City Council Members who voted in September to defund the police, and others, did so with the misguided notion that their “progressive policing strategies” would make the streets safer for some citizens in Dallas. We have seen the tragic results of these policy amendments and the recent scramble by Chief Hall to reign in the mounting violence in our streets.


It is not the place of inexperienced City Council members to force social experiments onto the Dallas police department. Chief Hall’s office is not the place for Dominique Alexander to kick his feet up on a Monday after spending the weekend screaming for the death of Dallas police officers. And now is not the time to promote California style back seat policing- not when our murder rate is rivaling Chicago and our Mayor is forced to beg the City Council and Chief Hall to take it seriously. We have seen what happens when police are policed by rhetoric. Let us not allow it to happen here.

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