Council Session Word Salad: Adventures in local legislation. Featuring: Some seriously idiotic individuals.

On Wednesday, 12/9/20, the Dallas city council met to discuss (argue) and vote (more arguing) on many, many agenda items: AKA- their job.  A live tweet thread offered by Texas Scorecard writer Robert Montoya can be found Here.

Highlights of the meeting include Bazaldua sincerely asking if it was necessary to continue allotting DPD officers 50 rounds of ammunition per month for range training, or, if it was possible for them to get by with one. One! One is the loneliest number, and I assume, it is how many brain cells are left in Baz’s head, because he really said that.

Omar Narvaez asked if the 7 million dollars being voted on to purchase ammunition and other items for the police department could instead be “moved and reallocated…. for overtime pay”.

Well, Omar: Here is an interesting fact:

You and 10 of your colleagues voted in September to remove 7 million dollars from the DPD overtime budget and “reallocate” it for things like bike lanes and lighting in North Dallas. Here is what happened:

In an unprecedented and completely unexpected turn of events NO ONE could have seen coming, violent crime in Dallas INCREASED. So of COURSE you, Omar, would want to know how to make Dallas more safe…by ensuring our officers are short on training and have plenty of exhausting overtime shifts.

Related to this:

During the discussion of purchasing tear gas to have on hand during incidents of possible public unrest, Kleinman made sure to ask Chief Hall “are we at war with our own citizens?” (in true trendy fashion as of late) to which Hall replied, “We are not at war with our residents.” Lee then asked, “Why was tear gas used against ‘peaceful protests’ (sic)?” Hall replied “Civil unrest. That is the only time we’ve used it.”  

As much as KDS has disagreed with Chief Hall on her policy decisions and her continuous close relationship with Dominique Alexander (the head of Next Generation Action Network) , we will agree with her on the fact that the DPD must have the necessary funds to purchase training munitions, rifles, and less-lethal items such as tear gas- which can be used to safely disburse a crowd before real people get hurt.

Moving past the recent display of foolishness, which was the agenda meeting on Wednesday, is the particularly important city council election this May. This is our chance to vote for intelligent representatives who will first consider the residents/ citizens of Dallas, NOT the sycophants who use liberal buzzword bingo to increase their twitter followers.

We at KDS have a lot of fun making light of the ignorance plaguing Dallas leadership. We enjoy it, and current leadership makes it easy. In all honesty, what we would really like, is to have the public safety of the city taken seriously by the City Manager, the Dallas Police Chief, the Dallas City Council and the DPD. We pledge to see that happen, and we know KDS supporters are behind us.

We refuse to end up like Detroit. Our “D” stands for Dallas, not devastated.



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